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Logo ski-24 The ski-24 adventure was born following an epic experience in Scandinavia during autumn 2011. A team of Swiss skiers took turns during 24 hours, with the motivation to take up a physical challenge but also the wish to live a passion in a different way.

Thus seven Nordic cross-skiers enthusiasts from distinct regions of Switzerland gathered in a committee to share the experience during this long day of 3 December 2011. Since its first edition in March 2013, 4032 participants took part at the ski-24 manifestation. The committee, currently consisting of 8 members, offers each time new features to improve the growing demand around this cross country skiing festival that became must-participate on the calendar. The 7th edition will take place on March 23rd and 24th 2019 nearby the Nordic Area of Mosses. The party already looks beautiful and filled with emotions.





Situation map
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PlanPlaceDeFete 2018 small